How To Learn Quantum Field Theory (For Beginners!)

A review of Quantum Field Theory textbooks, lecture courses and online notes for beginners. This article is aimed at being a review as comprehensive as possible of the different resources (known to me) that are available for a beginner to self-learn QFT. My motivations for writing it are twofold; I would like to collect together a list of resou...

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A Short Introduction to Natural Units

A short introduction to the easy (but sometimes unnecessarily confusing) topic of natural units. Units and Dimensions Einsteins and Plancks The basic dimensions in physics are length, mass and time, which are commonly expressed in the SI system of units as the metre, the kilogram and the second. In particle physics, the typical scale of quant...

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Fourier Analysis Cheat Sheet

Updated Feb 2022: Cleared up some of the wording. A brief overview of Fourier analysis (Fourier series and transform). Fourier Series Fourier’s theorem Statement A function is periodic with period \(2\pi\) if \[f(x) = f(x + 2\pi).\] \(f(x)\) need only be given on the half-open interval \(x \in [0, 2\pi)\) for it to be specified everywhere. ...

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